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Play/Monologue Ideas

Green Typewriter


"I just wanted to make brownies 

I just wanted to make some goddamn brownies , but Mrs Shutt doesn't like brownies she scoffs and says brownies why on earth would do that." 


FREE TO SPEAK - Play in development 

But what happens when it's you and me and all we want be is simply free to speak???

Vintage Typewriter


Playing games.

Lots of people play games.

Some games are played by children with skipping ropes and doing hop-scotch

The tantrums and the torment created are all part of a game

Then there are teenagers

Teenagers tend to learn to text their games in circles , but beware when someone leaves the game on them because they will become the target.

Leaving only the words that shot and stabbed you into realising that you were never friends but its okay, because it’s just a game.

And just when you’ve hit adulthood and you think the games are done

You suddenly find yourself in a much bigger game. 

What games do adults play you ask

, well these really are the most treacherously twisted of all.


Because adults play games too , but you see their pieces are moved along a chess board of deceptive smiles and politeness.

They are creative cunning individuals who play with every tools at their disposal.

They use every inch of irony when dealing with their foes.

And no their faces won’t leave traces,

regret will not be featured on their expressions and unhappiness; will be masked in anyway possible.

These are rules.

No complaining is allowed, no losing your temper in public because adults are subject to a lifetime of judgement and underhand-jokes. 


Adults are incredibly inventive , the games can be elaborate and the people who lose track of the rules , well … they ..... get .... hurt.


The games continue and adults find themselves in all kinds of games that they don’t understand the meanings of.

The boards are massive, complicated and full of trickery at every turn.


So beware,

because life is really just a lot of games

Laughing Friends


Friends , who are they??

They're people we call up 


Don't we??



Maybe after years , maybe just to see
If we still get on

But beautifully if we're friends , we just reconnect despite what people always suspect

You've obviously got ulterior  motives they decree

Why would that be ??

Well people can be noisy always are with my life it seems so

Fiends are just people you get on with

So if you pop up it's random to someone you don't know but you're not friends to a friend that's oh hi haven't seen you in while what's new with you

With a friend you find fires rekindle quite easily really

You pick up where you left of probably zinging each other and make crass remakes which normally leave some  sparks

But PC brigade beware


friends sometimes swear their undying loyalty in words so frivolous 

Anyway, reconnecting is not expecting anything, it's just two people getting on with life because they've learned how to make friends

Individuality means personality and this is the key to determine who you let in as a friend


If you want quality that is

So that text from your ex saying let's meet up for coffee that's just a nod saying let's stop fighting and be friends

Let's quash the matter and let's be better friends after all are worth more than foes

A good mate of mine said it fine to sometimes make amends

and I said I know, that’s s why we can be friends 

Type Writer


Not invited.
So today.
Here I am.
Sat at home , so brilliantly bored you can hear the solitary drip of a tap in next doors bathroom 
Ignored again 
Guess we were never really friends 
No support should've seen the red flags.............(in the writing)

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